Marble is an Amsterdam-based labour law boutique firm, founded in 2017. Our lawyers are experienced specialists who focus on all aspects of labour law. Our clients are (internationally) operating corporates in various sectors, works councils, managing directors and employees.

Marble’s lawyers are committed and do their utmost to get to know their clients inside out. This leads to good, pragmatic and compact advice. Marble offers personal attention, is service-oriented and fast. In the event of conflicts, Marble’s lawyers always strive to find constructive solutions outside the courtroom, but if there is no other option, we are happy to litigate. Marble also has a mediator in-house. Mediation techniques give us more tools to resolve conflicts, in the interest of our clients.


Anneke Meulenveld
+31 (0)6 55 790 598

Anneke is partner and co-founder of Marble. In 2006 she started as a lawyer at Van Doorne. After six years she continued as an independent lawyer and performed various interim assignments, for example at AWVN, Nuon and TNT. After that, she worked at Boontje Lawyers. Due to her experience as an entrepreneur and inhouse employment law advisor she immediately understands the clients’ needs. Clients appreciate Anneke because she is down-to-earth, fast and efficient.

Merel Huijbers
+31 (0)6 43 818 934

Merel is partner and co-founder of Marble. She started as a lawyer in 2006 and has extensive experience at Boontje Lawyers and the internationally operating Baker McKenzie. Merel is valued by her clients for her ability to build longstanding relationships, getting to know their businesses which enables her to provide quick, pragmatic, business oriented advice. Merel is known for combining insight with energy which helps her to get things done.

Simon van IJsendoorn
+31 (0)6 17 270 273

Simon is partner at Marble since 2019. In 2007 he started as a lawyer with Kennedy Van der Laan. He supports clients in all aspects of labour law. He also advises institutions and directors on the Standards for Remuneration Act (Wet Normering Topinkomens). Clients appreciate Simon for his solution-oriented approach, commitment and accessibility. Simon is also an MfN register mediator specialized in labour mediations.

Thijs Ridder
+31 (0)6 24 312 812

Thijs is partner at Marble since 2020. From 2007 to 2020, he worked as a lawyer at Kennedy Van der Laan. Thijs advises, negotiates and litigates on all aspects of employment law, with a special interest in assisting with reorganizations. Thijs has extensive experience in the retail, aviation and banking sectors. In addition, Thijs is an MfN register mediator specialized in labour mediations. Clients appreciate Thijs for his pragmatic approach, accessibility and involvement.

Lianne Hoorntje

Lianne is Senior Legal Counsel at Marble. Lianne has worked as an employment lawyer at Dentons and Van Doorne from 2015 to 2022. After seven years, she started her own practice as legal counsel in the field of employment law. In this capacity, she advises employers and employees on a variety of employment law topics, including dismissal (settlement agreement), transfer of undertaking, employee participation, reorganisations and non-competition clauses. Lianne has joined the Marble team since 2023. Clients appreciate Lianne for her decisiveness, solution-orientation and cheerful character.

Marble is being supported by two legal assistants and Virtual Professional:

Jolanda van Velsen


Marble is a boutique (also called a niche law firm) and therefore only focuses on labour law. Marble advises and litigates about all aspects of labour law, including:


  • Dismissal
  • Employment conflicts
  • Reorganisations
  • Non competition clauses
  • Works Council issues
  • Managing directors
  • Standards for Remuneration Act (Wet Normering Topinkomens)
  • Illness
  • Employment conditions
  • Employment agreements
  • Service & management agreements
  • Flexible labour relations
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Conflict resolution through mediation is taking on an increasingly prominent role in society. Conflicts within the working environment can also be suitable for mediation. It can be an effective, cost-efficient and pleasant way to reach a solution. In labour mediation, parties can make agreements to improve the working relation or, on the contrary, to end it by mutual consent, with an eye for the interests of all parties involved. Where useful, we point out the possibility of mediation to our clients.

We also have mediation ‘in house’. Simon and Thijs are both experienced labour lawyers, but also mediators in labour disputes. This experience helps them to have a better understanding of what is actually going on in labour conflicts, what is important for parties to consider and which possible solutions can be found.

Other advice

Do you need advice in a field other than labour law? Then Marble can quickly arrange that for you. Marble’s lawyers have an extensive network of lawyers and other advisors with whom we work well and rapidly. Both for knowledge in other areas of law (privacy, corporate law, corporate litigation, immigration law, pensions, taxation, etc.), at home and abroad, as well as (interim) HR managers, bailiffs and other specialists.


Marble offers customization. We usually advise per hour, but it is also possible to make a price agreement for a project and a training or for temporary in-house consultancy work. The way in which the work is carried out is always in consultation with the client. We do not charge any office costs. We invoice monthly in arrears, with a detailed specification. We always try to be as transparent as possible about the time to be spent, without surprises afterwards.



We like to share our knowledge, for example by publishing blogs, sending newsletters (once a quarter) and offering (free) workshops on current topics, sometimes together with lawyers in other areas of law. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to be kept informed.